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Chemical Compounds

Chemical compounds are formed between two chemically dissimilar elements having greater chemical affinity for each other. Many types of compounds have been found in alloys, depending upon the properties of the combining elements. The chemical compounds could be chemical compounds, inter metallic compounds, interstitial compounds, electron compounds etc.

Chemical compounds are also known as valency compounds. Some compounds which are very similar in nature to chemical compounds are called inter metallic compounds. In compounds, various kinds of atoms are combined in a definite proportion which is expressed by a chemical formula. Chemical compounds have a unique and defined chemical structure they consist of a fixed ratio of atoms that are held together in a defined spatial arrangement by chemical bonds.

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Chemical Compound Definition

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"A chemical compound is a substance that is formed when two or more elements combine chemically in a definite proportion by weight." The properties of compounds are different from those of the elements that form the compound. The elements combine in a definite proportion to form a compound by weight. Compounds are homogeneous i nature, that is the composition is uniform throughout. 

Molecules are the fundamental particles of a compound. The chemical compound is represented by a chemical formula. All the chemical compounds can be split into elements. A compound is the chemical substance which is formed by the combination of two or more elements. Atoms of two different elements can form chemical bonds with each other to yield a product that is entirely different from the elements. Such a substance is called a chemical compound.

Ionic Compound

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Ionic compounds are represented by empirical formulas that show the simplest ratio of cations and anions in the compound. In the formula of an ionic compound the cation symbol or formula is always written first, followed by the anion symbol or formula. Ionic compounds do not have a positive or negative charge because the total cationic positive charge is balanced by the total anionic negative charge.

Some ionic compounds are charge neutral and since many elements form only one type of ion with a predictable element. Ionic compounds always contain positive and negative ions. In a chemical formula, the sum of the charges of the positive ions must be equal the sum of the charges of the negative ions. A formula reflects the smallest whole number ratio of ions.

Many common ionic compound contains ions that are themselves composed of a group of covalently bonded atoms with an overall charge. For example the ionic compound table salt (NaCl) is given below. 

Ionic Compound

Ionic compounds are generally very stable because the attractions between cations and anions within ionic compounds are strong and because each ion interacts with several oppositely charged ions in the crystalline lattice.

Molecular Compound

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A molecular compound is a substance formed from two different components, each of which may have an independent crystal structure and which in solution decomposes into its components according to the law of mass action. For molecular compounds, a molecular formula indicates the number and type of atoms in each molecule.

Compounds are generally represented by chemical formulas. A chemical formula shows the elements that make up the compound and the numbers of atoms of each element in the smallest unit of that compound, be it a molecule or a formula unit. Water, for example, is a molecular compound composed of hydrogen and oxygen in a non changing ratio of two atoms of hydrogen to one atom of oxygen. 

The formula unit of an ionic compound shows the simplest ratio of the elements that make it up. Contrast that to the molecular formula, which shows not only the ratio of elements, but also all the atoms in one molecule of the compound. Binary compounds are simple form of molecular compounds contains only two atoms. Several molecular compounds have common names such as water, ammonia and alcohol.

Chemical Compound Examples

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A chemical compound is a substance that consists of atoms of two or more different elements bonded together. Some of the chemical compounds with their chemical formula are tabulated below.

S.No Chemical compound Chemical formula
1. Sodium hydroxide
2. Carbon dioxide
3. Sodium chloride
4.Calcium carbonate
5.Potassium nitrate
6.Hydrogen chloride HCl
7.Nitric acidHNO3
8.Sulphur dioxide SO2
9.Sodium carbonateNaCO3
10.Hydrogen sulfideH2S

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