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Natural Electrolytes

Inorganic ionic melts represent a group of waterless solvents and solutions which is interesting both from the point of view of fundamental research along with the present and prospective use in technical practice.

When we look into metallurgical production or galvanic metal plating, the use of electrolyte are either used for taking out the slags or unwanted admixtures and for refractory metal layering. But all these are not really considered as natural.

Natural electrolytes can be described as substances which helps in conducting electricity outside and inside of any cell of human body to maintain normal function of one’s cells and organs. The most common forms of electrolytes are sodium, potassium, chloride, and bicarbonates. These are essential to sustain certain levels for a person’s body to function properly and effectively.

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Natural Sources of Electrolytes

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Before we get into the natural resources let us understand what exactly the electrolytes do. Any system which uses an electrolyte needs to check the balancing basics.

A hypnotic solution has a lower solute concentration than another solution and when a less concentrated or hypnotic solution is placed against a more concentrated solution the fluid shifts from hypnotic into a more concentrated zone to equalize the both.

A hypertonic solution with higher concentration will do the opposite and move into a less concentrated zone and equalize both of these and this continues till both have same amount of solutes and fluid.

The movement of these fluids and solutes constantly move within body to maintain homeostasis. These can be done diffusion, active transport (energy from a molecule moves the solutes from an lower concentration zone to an higher concentration zone), and osmosis where fluids move passively from an zone of more fluid and fewer solutes to another zone where we get to see less fluids but more fluids.

The role of electrolytes is to work in tandem with fluids and maintain the health and well-being of the system.

These are substances which separate into electrically charged ions like anions producing negative charge and cation electrolytes producing positive charge.

Some of the common anions which are available in natural electrolytes are bicarbonate, chloride and phosphorus, while the cations are calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium.

The electrolyte products that are used by an athlete to stay hydrated which allows the athlete to remain in good state of hydration which are taken either after workouts or through the day.

Amongst the natural electrolytes which encompasses all the role of maintaining the hypotonic, hypertonic or use osmosis process is coconut water which has almost all the vital anions and cations required to maintain the fluid and solute level.

Natural Electrolytes Supplements

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Electrolytes being natural salts and other minerals which are primarily the calcium, chloride, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and sodium present in the body in small quantities which help regulate various body processes like water balance, body acid base level, and body temperature as well, split into electrically charged particles.

Electrolytes literally means released dissolvable as when these are dissolved in water these substances split into ions and transmit electrical impulses from nerves to muscles.

In order to maintain the electrolyte balance in body, the sum of positively charged ions must equal the sum of negatively charged ions. Example is blood where high concentration of NaCl is present and each of the ions balance each other out.

Addition of electrolyte supplement in drinking water helps in restoring the electrolytic balance within the body which helps in restoring and retaining body essential fluid level.

Factors which affect the electrolyte supplement and balance are
  • Fluid intake and output
  • Acid base balance
  • Hormonal secretion
  • Normal cell functioning
  • Normal gland and organ function

Lungs and liver helps in regulating sodium and water balance and blood pressure. Heart secretes peptides which causes sodium excretion. Sweat glands excrete sodium, potassium, chloride and water by sweating. Gastro-intestinal tract absorbs and excretes fluid and electrolytes. The electrolyte levels are measured only extracellular and are counted in milli equivalents per liter.

Natural Electrolytes Sources

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In order to maintain the homeostasis the body requires certain level of electrolytes from the sources in specific levels.

Sodium: 135 – 145 mEq/L
Potassium: 3.5 to 5.0 mEq/L
Calcium: 8.2 to 10.2 mEq/L
Phosphorus: 2.7 to 4.5 mEq/L
Magnesium: 1.5 to 2.5 mEq/L
Chloride: 96 to 106 mEq/L

Electrolyte supplement sources provide both pure and electrolyte water and either commercial or homemade sources help in restoring the balance on a regularly basis.

Source 1: electrolyte with calcium but without magnesium
  • 2 parts common salt
  • 2 parts KCl salt
  • 1 part dolomite
Source 2: electrolyte with magnesium but without calcium
  • 1 pound of common salt
  • 20 ounce of KCl salt
  • 2 table spoon of Epson salt

Electrolytes being minerals that are required by cells to regulate the electric charge across cell membranes, and in case the diet is deficient in electrolytes, the sweating throws these out more often.

Sea vegetables or seaweed are staple food for coastal population all across the world. These contains almost 10 times the calcium level in cow’s milk and has many times of iron than red meat. These substances are packed with easily digestible chlorophyll rich, alkaline forming natural electrolytes.

Other natural sources are dulse, kelp and nori which are sea origin as they provide specific mineral balance, superior source of minerals and trace elements essential for daily optimal health. Other natural sources of electrolytes are agar, arame, Kombu and wakame.

How to Get Natural Electrolytes?

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Natural electrolytes which are essential for supportive care like diarrhoea which works only to minimise or eliminate the loss of vital electrolytes from the body.

Oral fluids are introduced to restore the level of electrolytes balance. These help in facilitate the active electrolyte transport. Clear liquid with flat lemonade, ginger ale and simple carbohydrates help in retaining all the essential electrolytes and maintain the vital balance between positive and negative ions.

How to Get More Electrolytes Naturally

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The loss of minerals, changing of balance of electrolytes due to dehydration, in the blood stream and also losing the capability to hold onto fluids can be managed well if minerals are added to water to restore electrolyte balance and water retention.
  • Drinking coconut water helps in retaining vital electrolyte balances.
  • Adding ample sugar and pinch of common salt to clear water is another method retaining electrolyte
  • Adding baking soda, salt substitute, lemon juice to clear water
  • Maple syrup, honey and fruit juice instead of sugar in clear water
Traditional methods are plenty and every culture has its own way of maintaining the vital balance of anions and cations within the body.
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