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Importance of Carbon

Carbon is an essential element of life and is therefore of fundamental importance when studying some basic mechanisms. Carbon serves as a powerful reducing agent for many metallic oxides and is employed in the extraction of those metals. Carbon is the form of charcoal or other varieties is insoluble in water, alkalies and hydrochloric acid.

Carbon is the first member of Group IV resembles its preceding horizontal member, boron. Carbon is the fourth most abundant element in the interstellar medium and also more versatile for building molecules.


Importance of Carbon in the Human Body

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Human body consists mostly of oxygen, hydrogen and carbon. The oxygen and hydrogen are mainly in the form of water inside and outside our cells. Carbons importance to life starts with its versatile bonding behavior. The substances containing the elements carbon and formed living things are called biological molecules. The four main kinds of biological molecules are carbohydrates, lipids, proteins and nucleic acids. All biological molecules are organic compounds that is they contain carbon and at least one hydrogen atom. An inorganic is one that doesn't have both carbon and hydrogen.

Organic chemicals always involve carbon, which is the foundation of the living organism. Carbon accounting for 18% of our weight, is the key element of the solid compounds in our body. The simplest of all the carbohydrates is sugar, which are diverse but structurally similar molecules that contain carbon, hydrogen and oxygen in particular configurations.

Importance of Carbon Cycle

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The carbon cycle an important reservoir of carbon is in the atmosphere as carbon dioxide. An important reservoir of carbon is in the atmosphere as carbon dioxide. Photosynthetic processes of plants extract significant amounts of carbon from the atmosphere and fix it as biological carbon in the biosphere. Animals and other organisms in the biosphere release carbon dioxide back to the atmosphere through the respiration processes by which they utilize oxygen and food for energy production. 

The most important key biological cycle is carbon cycle shown below. 

Carbon Cycle

The carbon cycle describes location in various environmental spheres in which carbon is found and the interchanges of carbon in various chemical forms among these spheres. The carbon cycle is extraordinarily important in maintaining sustainability because a major part of its fixation of carbon from highly dilute atmospheric carbon dioxide into biomass by photosynthesis carried out by green plants.

Importance of Carbon Compound

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  • Hydrides of carbon
The hydrides of carbon are called hydrocarbons. Methane, ethane, propane, butane, pentane are some of the examples of hydrocarbons.
  • Oxides of carbon
The most important oxide of carbon is carbon dioxide. Other important oxides of carbon are carbon monoxide, solid carbon dioxide and carbonic acid.
  • Sulphides of carbon
The list of sulphides of carbon are carbon disulphide, carbonyl sulphide and some of the halides of carbon are carbon tetrafluoride, carbon tetrachloride.

Other important compounds of carbon are carbonyl chloride, otherwise called phosgene, cyanogen, hydrogen cyanide, Cyanides, sodium cyanide, potassium cyanide and thiocyanates.

Importance of Carbon dioxide

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The importance of carbon dioxide is listed below.
  1. Carbon dioxide is used in the production of dry ice, which is used for food and beverages as an important source and likely to be more important.
  2. Carbon dioxide is used in fire extinguisher.
  3. Carbon dioxide possesses the advantage of passing straight from the solid to the gaseous state and of surrounding the material to be cooled with an insulating atmosphere of dry gas.
  4. Carbon dioxide plays an environmentally important role within the part of planet of all living organisms, collectively known as the biosphere.
  5. Carbon dioxide also involved in the production of organic matter and in the absence of light where life exists below the Earth's surface and in the deep ocean.
  6. Carbon dioxide acts as a greenhouse gas that helps to maintain the temperatures suitable for life and life processes as an equable climate.

Importance of Carbon to Life

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Carbon is fundamental to life on earth, given that life itself is carbon based. Trees play a special role in the earth system by sequestering carbon into long lived organic compounds, largely in the form of cellulose contained in the wood of trees.The importance of trees and forests is highlighted by the fact that they cover one third of the terrestrial surface area. 

Carbon based life is the only kind of biological life, Carbon is formed in the heart of stars. So in order for life to evolve in a universe that is even remotely like to form stars and then to form carbon. Carbon that is not held in forests typically ends up as atmospheric CO$_{2}$, thus elevating greenhouse gas concentrations. 
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