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Chemistry Help

Chemistry mainly deals with chemical and physical changes associated with any substances. All chemical changes can be represented with the help of chemical equations which are symbolic representations of chemical reactions. The physical changes are mainly associated with the change in state of matter. It also provides necessary information related to the physical state of matter with their inter-conversion into each other.

Chemistry explains the atomic structure of any substance with the help of atomic models and theories. These concepts help us to understand some common concepts which we can observe in our surroundings such as cooking, burning, melting of ice etc. These are either chemical changes or physical changes. But how can you identify them? Definitely the subject can help you with this.

You can take help of online tutor to understand the basic concepts of chemistry such as atomic models, atomic theories, thermodynamic, Thermochemistry, chemical kinetics etc. All these topics are connected with each other and easy to understand if you are aware about the basics of chemistry.

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What is Chemistry?

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It is the study of matter and the ways in which matter changes. Matter is anything that takes up space and has mass. Therefore  it takes in all that we see around, the chair we are sitting, the book we are reading, the clothes we are wearing and flowers on the windowsill. Matter appears in many different forms, including metals, plastics, ceramics, living plants and animals, clouds, oceans and stars.
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Basic Chemistry

It helps to provide the amenities of good life but is at the core of our concept and preoccupation of life itself. Understanding basic chemistry is crucial to learning about physics. Chemical terms are used to explain the names and properties of polymers. Chemical structures determine the unique characteristics of polymers as well as their limitations.


Chemical symbol is used to represent an atom of an element, as well as the element itself. In formulas showing composition or molecular structure the numerical subscript of the symbol of an element gives the number of atoms of the element in the molecule. A chemical symbol is a one or two letter designation for an element derived from the elements name.

Branches of Chemistry

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The field of chemistry has become so wide and complex that it is necessary to divide it into different branches for proper understanding. It is the science that studies atoms and molecules along with their properties. All matter is composed of atoms and molecules, so it is all encompassing and is referred to as the central science because all other scientific fields use its discoveries. The three major branches of chemistry are 

Inorganic chemistry - It is related with the study of metallic and non metallic elements and their compounds. Mainly it is based on non-living things.
Organic chemistry - It is the branch which deals with chemical study of carbon compounds. It is essentially the chemistry of life processes.
Physical chemistry - A branch which deals with the study of physical properties and constitution of matter, the laws of chemical reactions and the theories governing these reactions.

Other branches of chemistry are 

Biochemistry - It explains the reactions of living processes, health and diseases

Analytical chemistry - Branch deals with various methods of analysis applicable to different types of chemical substances.

Nuclear chemistry - It deals with nuclear reactions, artificial transmutations of elements and radioactive isotopes.

Industrial chemistry - Branch applies principles of chemistry in large scale manufacture of various elements and compounds.

Agricultural chemistry - The branch of chemistry which is engaged in the study of soil, water, fertilizer and many other compounds which are of agricultural importance.

How to Learn Chemistry Online?

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